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By Ian Keogh Brian Epstein was a troubled man in a repressive era, but also a visionary. In a city not lacking in talented bands in the early 1960s he seized on the Beatles and heard the difference that few others could at the time. Without Brian Epstein the Beatles may well have become successful […]


By Nick Smith | ICv2 | December 7, 2016 This is an expanded new edition of the 2013 graphic biography of Brian Epstein, the man who turned The Beatles from a local bar band into an international phenomenon. The book’s size and price point make it an excellent bargain, and a great holiday present for […]


by Christian Holub | ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY |  October 24 2016 Many people have claimed the title of “fifth Beatle,” the unacknowledged secret ingredient that made the greatest rock band of all time so successful. Vivek J. Tiwary’s and Andrew C. Robinson’s graphic novel The Fifth Beatle takes up the case of Brian Epstein, the manager […]


If there were a fifth Beatle, most fans would assume it was Pete Best, the drummer Ringo Starr replaced. But Vivek J. Tiwary’s graphic novel (a finalist for a 26th Annual Lambda Literary Award in the graphic novel category) recognizes Brian Epstein as the fifth band member–a silent partner, the brains behind the Beatles’ concept. Tiwary admits telling Epstein’s story has been his life work, adding, “Why shouldn’t he have a life in comics?”


You don’t know much about The Beatles if you don’t know about Brian Epstein. He was 27 when he saw The Beatles play a lunchtime set in Liverpool’s Cavern Club in November 1961 and knew that he was going to make them stars. (“Not stars of the stage or screen. Real stars, like those of the night sky.”)


IGN: Best of 2013

We’ve seen plenty of by-the-numbers biographies in the comic book medium, but a project that actually takes full of advantage of the format’s potential is far more rare. Perhaps it’s fitting that a story featuring the Beatles would serve as a beacon of light.


“Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my love for this comic book.

There are certain comic books that make you proud to be a fan. Often times, they are the books you can hand to somebody and say, with confidence, “This is a masterpiece, a true work of art.” They are the comics that inspire us; they affect us in a big way. Maybe we see something of ourselves in them, maybe they tickle our imagination or maybe they challenge us. The Fifth Beatle is one of these books. It’s a brilliant comic, in every aspect, from script to art to lettering to production; it is beautiful.”



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