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Crains: My Mentor: Brian Epstein inspires this 'paperback writer'

By Felicia Darnell | CRAINS

At first glance, there are few commonalities between Brian Epstein, the manager and unofficial fifth member of The Beatles, and Vivek Tiwary, a theater producer and CEO of Tiwary Entertainment Group Ltd.

Epstein grew up in 1940s and ’50s Liverpool, England, far from 1980s New York City where Tiwary spent his high school years hunting down rock shows and going to fine arts events with his parents. Tiwary is proud of his Indian heritage and through his work celebrates people who have been underdogs because of their identities—while Epstein spent his life hiding who he truly was from a judgmental world. And Epstein’s career was cut short by a drug overdose at 32, while Tiwary, age 43, has a successful career as a theater producer, with 25 Tony Awards credited to his productions…Read full article