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FORBES: For ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Producer Vivek Tiwary, Professional Is Personal

By Lee Seymour | FORBES | January 28,2020

Walking into the offices of Vivek Tiwary is akin to entering the lair of the world’s nerdiest wizard. Every square inch of wall or shelf is adorned, but instead of potions, spells, and scrolls, the suite overlooking Union Square is chockablock with Broadway, rock & roll, and comic book memorabilia.

Which is all to say: I, a massive and omnivorous nerd, feel like I’ve discovered a hidden treasure trove. And as I get to know Tiwary over the next few days, I come to think he is of a piece. For someone whose background could have produced an obnoxious, bitter mogul, the 46-year-old producer reveals himself to be a rare wellspring of warmth in the frosty tundra of high-stakes entertainment…Read full article