#1 New York Times Bestseller!

Philip R. Simon

Philip R. Simon was raised in the heart of Cajun Louisiana and has been in Portland, Oregon, for eighteen years. He lives with his wife, two geriatric cats, over 150 filled comic book boxes, and a decent collection of vinyl records. Philip has worked in the editorial department at Dark Horse Comics for over twelve years, spearheading a wide variety of comic book and art book projects. He’s the editor of the long-running “Blade of the Immortal” manga series, and he helped launch Dark Horse’s Korean comics line, expanded Robert E. Howard fantasy line, and archival pre-Code hardcover line. Philip’s role as editor on “The Fifth Beatle” is to make sure that everything in every stage of production comes in on time and that the printing process produces perfect graphic novels for our readers. If there are any glitches or errors in the finished product, all blame will fall on this gentle, music-loving Cajun.